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Wills Holmes build a Mosque Appeal

Willful Ignorance

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WILLS HOLMES FOUNDATIONwe believe in creating hope ‘Build a mosque in this world and build a place in Jannah’

The Messenger of Allah(SAW) said that ‘whoever construct a mosque for Allah, Allah in return will build ahouse for him in Paradise (Jannah).

We all know that having a comfortableplace to practice and share your faith is so important, but within the Muslim communities in the developing world suchas Sierra Leone, they don’t always have this option.

A mosque is at theheart of any local Muslim community. Itprovides a place for its worshippers to pray and contemplate as well as being a hub for educational programmesand other everyday services or activities. The roleof the mosque subsequently, is to helpand support people to learn more about Islamand to nurture their moral and spiritualdevelopment.

By building a mosque you will not only earn the reward ofproviding a community for your brothers and sisters in Africa, but it will also be a house of Allah, whereyour Sadaqah Jariya will continue giving benefit for a generation to come. Insha’Allah.

How WILLS HOLMES get involved?

This Ramadan 2018, Wills Holmes Foundation helps Muslim brothersand sisters with foods during Suhoor and iftaar.We also provide meals for Eid ul-Fitr. Alhamdulillah, the outcome wasimpactful not only to our Muslim brothers and sisters but the community as a whole.  WillsHolmes, hope to extend and continue these Sadaqah in the future.

WHAT do WE know?

The masjid is in the Bomeh community in Sierra Leone, WestAfrica. Currently, our brothers andsisters prayed and performed theireveryday services in an incompleted construction.In Sierra Leone at present, it is the raining season. For our brothers and sisters,this means they will have an unsuitable placeto worship as there is a leakage in theroof and when it rains water does enter the Masjid, therefore prevents our brotherand sisters from using the masjid in performing their daily prayers and other Islamicactivities.

The ‘Bomeh Muslim community,’ in the pastdid raise money to finish the Masjidbuilding, but the money went into the wrong hands.

Donating towards the building of a blessed MASJID ensurethat our beloved brothers and sisters in Africa can share in that very same joyas we are in the developed worldthroughout the year!


For info, pleasecontact us at www.willsholmesfoundation.org and  on Facebook

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