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Salaam Alaykum and may peace be with you

My name is Miqdaad Versi and I have been working with a brilliant team at the Muslim Council of Britain to challenge the stories across mainstream media that appear to be demonising Muslims.From "1 in 5 Brit Muslims’ sympathy for jihadis" and "The Muslim Problem" in The Sun to "Christian child forced into Muslim Foster Care" and "Muslims 'silent' on terror in The Times, distortions about Muslims across wide sectors of the media are all too common.After successfully having elicited over 50 corrections from national newspapers and having built relationships with senior journalists, producers and managing editors, I am now working closely with The Muslim Council of Britain to sustainably counter this misrepresentation. The Sun's Trevor Kavanagh wrote how he is now "treading on eggshells" to avoid our "eagle eye" and the infamous James Delingpole highlighted "his main resolution in 2018" is to "avoid again upsetting" our "ever-vigilant" work.Recent research at the University of Cambridge has explored how "Mainstream media reporting about Muslim communities is contributing to an atmosphere of rising hostility towards Muslims in Britain".We have to try to stop this - and we have found a way that works. Now we need your help to take it to the next level. Every contribution, little or large, will help make a difference in the way Islam and Muslims are represented in mainstream media. The money donated will help fund the salaries of staff at the Muslim Council of Britain who can dedicate time to identifying and correcting these misrepresentations. Please donate generously and please share across your networks! Together we can change the narrative!


1 day ago
Great work, keep it up

2 days ago
I'm not a Muslim but Islamophobia is odious and dangerous. Keep up the good work

Mazhar iqbal
2 days ago
Cant believe people are slow to donate. Come on folks this is for the future of the coming generations.

Bilal Hassam
4 months ago
Fantastic work Miqdaad! Inspirational.

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