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Bismillah. I sadly lost my mother on the 20th of September 2018. Her passing has been a massive loss for our entire family but we know it was her time to return to her Lord. All we can do now is pray for her and, as the Prophet ﷺ taught us, do good deeds in her memory.

Whether you are blessed to still have your mother in your life or not, we should all be overwhelmed with gratitude for the love that our mothers have showered us with. It’s no wonder that Paradise itself is at their feet and serving them is next to serving Allah and His beloved Messenger. 

We’ve set up “Mosques for Mums” so we can all remember our mothers and build on their legacy in this world and the next. Please help by building this first Masjid in memory and celebration of our mothers. InshaAllah, this will be the first of many that we will all benefit from as we continue to build more as supporters join us. Every prayer and every dua that is made in this mosque will benefit the mothers of everyone who has helped build and donate towards its construction inshaAllah. 

The Prophet ﷺ said: 'Whoever builds a mosque desiring Allah's pleasure, Allah builds for them the like of it in Paradise' (Bukhari). 

Every donation, little or large, will help make a difference and provide a beautiful mosque to a community that is in desperate need of one and at the same will be a Sadaqah-Jaariyah (a continuous charity) in the name of our mothers.I pray that Allah has Mercy upon all our mothers and gives them the best in this world and the best in the Hereafter. Ameen.

On Sunday, the 14th October, God Willing, I will for the first time, be taking part in the Manchester Half Marathon and I hope this will set me up to do the London Marathon next year, all in aid of our new “Mosque for Mums” campaign.Please join me in my journey - sponsor me - take part with me - do your own challenge - but above all – please donate generously and let's build houses of worship where generations of people will pray for and remember our beloved mothers.


Aamer Naeem
1 week ago
Thank you everyone for your support. The donations plus Gift Aid plus this last amount takes us to our first masjid target. I will keep you all posted on the construction. Dua for our mums always.

3 weeks ago
For our dear mum and grandma

Robert Stockton
3 weeks ago
Well done Aamer.

3 weeks ago
May Allah reward you Aamer

3 weeks ago
Great initiative

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