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Thirst Relief - Water Wells for Families

Penny Appeal

Charity Registration No. 1128341


Thirst Relief – Target £15k 


Type: Zakat, Sadaqah, Lilah

Three children die every minute from drinking dirty water. With reliable access to clean water, thousands of lives could be saved each day.

It costs from just £300 to build a well for a family. Drinking dirty, diseased water is one of the most common causes of death in the developing world, so you could be saving lives for years to come.

Donate a whole well at £300 and we can arrange for a plaque to be placed on the well.  Simply email us with details of your donation and what name you would like written on the plaque at ridersofshaam@hotmail.com

The Prophet sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam said: “The best form of charity is giving someone water (to drink)” 

Through Thirst Relief Penny Appeal are building wells, providing safe water to drink, wash and clean, to grow crops and to water animals. This can lead to healthier lives, a better chance to go to school or work and a route out of poverty.

Penny Appeal have a 100% donation policy for their Zakat eligible projects. Visit https://www.pennyappeal.org/appeal/100-zakat for further info.

RidersofShaam@hotmail.com  OR CALL AMIN ON: 07545953785

Follow us & support us on social media #Leicester2Paris:

Fb: RidersofShaam

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Twitter: RidersofShaam

Insta: ROSCycling


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