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As many of you will have seen, there is a continuing emergency for the Rohingya people who are now having to live in refugee camps in Bangladesh. Many women and children have been affected by the continued violence and there is a dire need to provide emergency aid to those in need, therefore I am raising for the Penny Appeal Rohingya Emergency Response Inshallah.

I am raising in memory of my beautiful nephew Noah who only spent 11 days with us on earth but left a lasting impression on our hearts. Having experienced the loss of such a beautiful young baby boy, it has become important to me to ensure no other families experience this loss, especially those living in war zones/refugee conditions. It has been well documented that many of the Rohingya women have become pregnant (many due to rape). It is important that we work together to ensure they and their babies remain healthy and well. This is where your donations will make a lasting difference Inshallah. Please help me to make a difference to the lives of newborns as a #NodToNoah.

Thank you for your support! Wishing you all love and peace x


2 months ago

Taz Latif
3 months ago
You're an inspiration to so many of us. In memory of Noah. May Allah grant him Jannah! So proud of you x

Safiya A
3 months ago
Well done Twin! We are all very proud of you! :) From your family in London x x

Colin Mann
3 months ago
Nice work K! You are certainly no couch potato

3 months ago
Doesn't matter that the Dr gave you a red card. You're awesome and a wonderful human being. No-one donated because they wanted you to climb a mountain. We donated because of who you are. Much love x

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