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Help us bring safety to more women and children

Domestic Violence intervention Project


Imagine being a victim of domestic abuse in a country thousands of miles from home. You need support, but are afraid of bringing ‘shame’ on your family. You seek help outside of your community, but you do not speak the language. You need to flee the abuse, but you have no money. Where do you go? What will happen to you and your children?   

Each year over 6,000 Arabic speaking women in London are affected by domestic abuse. 

Al-Aman, DVIP's language and culture specific service, is the only project working with survivors and perpetrators of domestic abuse from Arabic speaking communities.   

This Ramadan, donate to our pan-London Al-Aman project to help us keep more women and children safe.

Every year, we help over 100 women to recover from domestic abuse, FGM, forced marriage and honour based crime.    

Your donation will help us bring Al-Aman (‘safety’ in Arabic) to these women. Our confidential service helps women to understand and process their experiences and access practical support. Through our range of group activities, women no longer feel alone and are supported to build their self-esteem and move towards a safer and happier future.    

“I didn't know where to go. Now I have hope and options in changing my life for the better.”   

"Al-aman supports me in every way; makes me feel like I have a family because everybody gives me a lot of love and time” 

(Former Al-Aman clients)   

Al-Aman is unique in that we also work with perpetrators. Your donation will help fund our language and culture specific violence prevention programme. We challenge perpetrators to stop their abusive behaviours and support them in developing safe and healthy relationships.    

Discover more about the crucial work we do http://www.dvip.org/information-in-english.htm and how we change lives (Magi and Marwan’s story).    


Thank you!  

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