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Saving Canine and Human Lives in Afghanistan

The Mayhew Animal Home


Rabies is a deadly viral disease that kills over 59 ,000 people worldwide each year. Dogs are the main cause of human rabies deaths, contributing to over 99% of rabies transmissions. Through the delivery of a vaccination, neuter and education programmes, we aim to protect communities from rabies and empower communities. Mayhew Afghanistan delivers a mass vaccination and neuter programme for owned and free-roaming dogs with the primary aim of eradicating rabies in Kabul.      

The Solution 

In 2017, Mayhew Afghanistan reached a landmark agreement with Kabul authorities to halt the culling in its place we will deliver the first mass vaccination and neuter programme. The World Health Organisation (WHO) advocate mass-canine vaccination programmes as the most effective and cost-efficient method of controlling and eradicating rabies in human populations. A team of 24 Afghan dogcatchers, surveyors and vets will deliver the programme.

Long-Term Impact 

We aim to eradicate human deaths from canine-mediated rabies in Kabul city, Afghanistan within 3 years and to create and maintain a rabies free dog population in the city. To achieve this we must ensure at least 70% of dogs in each district covered are vaccinated. Our programme will save human, dogs' lives, and ultimately create a safer community.

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