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Ramadhan 2018: #ShareYourBlessings

Al-Ayn Social Care Foundation


Iraq has one of the highest percentage of orphaned children in the world. Many of those children face harsh financial circumstances, poor health, psychological problems, and lack of confidence and aspirations. They often get stuck in a cycle of poverty that prevents them from rising above their difficult situations.

At Al-Ayn, we believe that those children deserve to live their lives the same as their peers and have access to the same opportunities. Which is why Al-Ayn (Iraq) has been providing the country’s most comprehensive support system for such children over the last 12 years. This encompasses financial support, food supplies, housing, clothing, medical care, educational support, vocational training and personal development.

We are able to deliver this work due to Al-Ayn (Iraq)'s large-scale local operations on the ground, spreading all over the country, with dedicated teams following up with families on their specific needs.

We are currently sponsoring 57,096 orphaned children. We are committed to providing each one of those children with the services they need. Furthermore, there are still another 5,320 children on our waiting list, awaiting the funding that is needed to start providing them with support.

Help us this Ramadhan respond to the growing and urgent needs of orphaned children. Our Ramadhan Appeal Fund will help us care for more of the children on our waiting list, and provide those whom we care for with financial allowances.  medical care, educational support, and personal development. 

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