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Supporting children affected by war and conflict

FireFly International


Firefly for Syrians

Based just a few miles from the Syrian Border in Turkey, our centre supports children that have never known anything but conflict; many are orphans, displaced and have suffered terrible trauma.  

Our centre provides a safe space where these children can learn, thrive and grow.

Firefly Syria is run by Syrians for Syrians:   



Firefly for Bosnia (Svitac)

Our centre in Bosnia is situated in the Brčko district, which is one of the few remaining multi-ethnic parts of  Bosnia-Herzegovina.We aim to promote tolerance and reconciliation between each of the different nationalities (Bosniak, Croat and Serb). 

Through artistic, creative and educational activities we engage the hearts and minds of young people, encouraging them to define themselves by what they can achieve together rather than by what sets them apart.

We employ local staff members and volunteers and our work today remains as relevant as when we were first founded.


But the needs are huge right now and much more needs to be done:   

Every donation will help us provide crucial support. Thank you!

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