About us

A Hub of Muslim Generosity

Introducing SalaamGiving

A new giving platform for Muslims, powered by JustGiving

Tailored for Muslim communities, SalaamGiving offers a feature-rich and user-friendly online giving platform for those who are inspired by their faith to give.

Leading minds from across the Muslim community have collaborated to revolutionise the way Muslims give to good causes through SalaamGiving.

SalaamGiving is powered by JustGiving and benefits from their extensive experience and know-how to connect people to good causes they care about.

Our mission at SalaamGiving is to make donating as easy and as meaningful as spreading the peaceful greeting of “Salaam” – By supporting campaigns with SalaamGiving you are connecting to a unique network of giving, with leading Muslim charities and independent crowdfunding campaigners, all in one place.

‘Spread peace.’ – Prophet Muhammad

SalaamGiving welcomes you to join and help shape a new hub of Muslim generosity.

We are inspired by the Prophetic call to “Spread Peace” and we at SalaamGiving are honoured to have our platform built with the on-going support and expertise of JustGiving who have raised billions of pounds from their incredible community of over 22 million donors from 164 countries across the globe. We want to provide ease, simplicity and meaning behind every donation, every campaign and every cause.



Our Independent advisory board features leading figures from the Muslim charity sector, grassroots Muslim communities and the world of crowdfunding.

"Muslims are the most generous community of givers. With SalaamGiving we have a unique platform to bring together those inspired by their faith to make the world a better place."

Naeem Raza | Third Sector Consultant

"SalaamGiving is a brilliant way of forging peace through a global community motivated by their faith to generously give. A fantastic contribution for donors and charities alike."

Nadia Hussein | TV Presenter

"Spreading peace just got easier! Be part of a global community to make the world better, powered by faith and great tech. Can't wait for everyone to see the site!"

Faraz Yousufzai | British Muslim TV

"Our faith encourages us to give without fear of loss. SalaamGiving is a modern platform, bringing together grassroot Muslim communities with charities. It is wonderful to have a new platform that supports giving."

Sarah Joseph | Writer and Broadcaster

We use the secure JustGiving payment system to power our platform. You will be brought back to Salaam Giving once payment has been completed.